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 To the untrained eye, a quick glance at the logo of the 23rd Summer Deaflympics, it might be just a simple but bold stroke of art; a pictogram depicting a red hand holding a twig of colorful leaves.  

However, to those who examine closely and especially if they already know the value and purpose of international sports competition, the logo may immediately be identified as a fitting symbol for Deaflympics.

Furthermore, for those who have cultural and historical knowledge of the host city and country, the symbol would be noticed to have an added dimension showing that Deaflympics is being held in Samsun,


All in all, the main pictorgram is a skillful and graceful combination of all symbolic elements rolled into a shape that alternatively represents a hand, a flame, a flower, and a bird.  

When viewed as a shape of a hand with the forefinger pressed against thumb, it symbolizes Deaf communication through sign language.

The other purpose of the finger and thumb is to hold a leafy twig.  It represents an olive branch.  The colors of the leaves match those found in the Olympiad rings.  It symbolizes the nations" union in peace and friendship during the competition of the Games.  

Then the view of the hand switches into one of a flame.  It represents the famous Olympiad fire.

When viewed as a flower, it is in a tulip form.  Tulips are native to Turkey, and they were significant to the Turkish culture since Ottoman Empire era.

Last but not least, the other shape the logo can be viewed is a bird, the pheasant.  As part of a project “Program to Support Wild Life with Pheasant” since 1969, Samsun had bred and raised over 100,000 pheasants and released them into the wild.  This has made the pheasant the city"s symbol.

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